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1. All posts must be entirely in English.
2. Post in the proper sections.
3. NO underage, NO beastiality, NO Real rape, NO Real Incest, No Real Death.
4. Posting underage material will get you instantly banned and reported.
5. Please make sure all models are 18+, even non-nude in the amateur sections.
6. No Phishing
7. No Cash Links
8. No Short Links
9. No Redirect Links
10. Signature
You can put your ADULT site/forum or blog link to your signature. But you have to add PORNXL.ORG backlink to your site!

If you are having any requests, questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Thanks very much to all members for your support

After registration, confirmation does not come to the mail, your account is activated automatically!!
Not open for further replies.