Redolence (2018)


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Redolence (2018)

Genre: Lesbians, Teens +18, Fingering, Kissing, Cunnlingus, Vignettes, Blondes, Brunettes, Asslicking, Shaved, Bush, Tattoos, Pantyhose, Romantic, Czech Girls, Russian Girls
Duration: 01:36:04

Cast: Jenny Manson, Linda Brugal (aka Milana Witch), Anie Darling, Cristal Caitlin (aka Vinna Reed)

Stunning models Jenny Manson and Linda Brugal are preparing for a photo shoot, as episode one of Andrej Lupin's dazzling erotic movie "Redolence" begins. The title refers to the allure of fragrance, and the gorgeous girls are posing for a perfume advert, dressed in sexy lingerie and lace pantyhose. As hot photographer Cristal Caitlin and her cute assistant Anie Darling direct them, the girls strike intimate poses, the sexual tension between them building. Once the shoot is over and they are left alone in the studio, horny brunette Linda straddles sultry blonde Jenny, thrusting a hand into her white lace panties to stroke her pussy, as Jenny sucks and squeezes her perfect breasts and tugs on her stiff nipples. Linda peels Jenny's panties off and pins her knees back by her ears, licking her shaved pussy avidly, finger-banging her soaked slit and tonguing her tight asshole. After cumming hard, Jenny turns onto her front with her hot ass up so Linda can lick her asshole and frig her pussy from behind, driving her to a second, even more intense climax. Now Linda sits on Jenny's face and the pretty blonde tongue-fucks her rigorously, licking deep inside Linda's sticky groove. Linda orgasms as Jenny laps at her asshole, then lies back as Jenny uses both hands on her hot pink folds, strumming her clit and sliding two fingers inside. Jenny fucks her slowly at first, then harder and faster, until Linda's eyes are rolling back as she shudders through another climax, her pussy glistening."
"Gorgeous photographer Cristal Caitlin and her cute assistant Anie Darling become intimate as episode two of Andrej Lupin's sexy and stylish "Redolence" begins. They are reviewing the shots from their perfume advert, but soon get distracted by each other, and put aside the camera and laptop so they can have some fun. Raven-haired Anie straddles her blonde sw t, and they kiss avidly, Cristal pulling Anie's top up to suck her pert breasts, then peeling off her dungarees so her slender body is perfectly naked. She gazes up at Anie from between her thighs as she licks her pussy, tugging on the fleshy folds with her lips and sliding two fingers inside her tight slit. Anie moans with pleasure, strumming her own clit and lifting her legs even higher so Cristal can tongue her tight asshole. They move into spoons and Cristal frigs her adorable lover, driving her wild. Now Anie tugs Cristal's skintight pants down and bends her over to lick her pussy and ass from behind. Using Cristal's own wetness as lube, she starts finger-fucking her vigorously, sliding in and out of her juicy slot as Cristal gasps and arches her back, grabbing Anie's wrist as the sensations overwhelm her. Flipping onto her back, she rocks her hips up to meet Anie's probing fingers, shaking through a powerful orgasm."
"Hot blonde photographer Cristal Caitlin seduces sexy brunette Linda Brugal, one of the models she's been shooting for a new fragrance advert, as episode three of Andrej Lupin's passionate "Redolence" begins. While sitting on the couch assessing the pics, Caitlin senses that Linda is a little tense and gives her a relaxing massage. Although she's shy at first, Cristal soon persuades Linda to expose her breasts, before showing her own. Linda likes what she sees, and goes with the flow when dominant Cristal starts caressing her puffy nipples, then kissing her voraciously. Having peeled off Linda's lacy pantyhose, Caitlin holds her legs high and wide, and gazes up at her flirtatiously as she starts to eat her pussy. She sucks Linda's plump lips and probes her wet hole with her tongue, making her sigh with pleasure. After some rapid fingering, Cristal flips Linda over onto her knees to eat her from behind. Linda rocks back against Crystal's pretty face, eyes rolling and body twitching uncontrollably as she orgasms. Crystal wants her turn now, and although Linda is tentative and inexperienced, she's eager to remove Crystal's skintight pants and lick her shaved slit. As Cristal rubs her own clit, the horny brunette starts tonguing her tight asshole, driving her wild. She fingerbangs Crystal hard and fast, turns her over and spanks her ass, then starts rimming her again as she frigs her to a mindblowing climax."
"Sexual tension flows between cute photographer's assistant Anie Darling and stunning model Jenny Manson in episode four of Andrej Lupin's tantalizing "Redolence." When they are left alone together in the studio, Anie makes her move, lifting shy Jenny's mood with sensual touches and passionate kisses. She unhooks Jenny's sexy white corset and squeezes her beautiful breasts, pulling off her own top and encouraging Jenny to touch her. Naked, the adorable brunette slides her hand between Jenny's thighs, then pushes her against the wall and kneels to eat her shaved slit, tongue flicking rapidly over her wet pink folds. Jenny spins around and Anie licks her tight asshole and thrusts a thumb into her pussy. She finger-bangs the hot blonde to an orgasm that makes her knees buckle, then leads her to the sofa, sits and spreads her legs wide. Jenny goes down to eat her tempting pussy with its shaved lips and neatly trimmed black bush. Anie holds her legs high and strums her clit as Jenny licks her pussy and asshole; when she slides her thumb into Anie's spread pussy, her new lover is overwhelmed by an intense climax."

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