SexySettings 2007-2009


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Genre: Nylon, Bondage, Amateur, Stockings, Pantyhose, Tied Up, Softcore, Oil, Sex
Directed by: Claude Christian
Year: 2007-2009,
SiteRip Date: 2009-11
336 videos, 468 sets

Description: Here at Claude's SexySettings you have women 18+ naked and getting tied hard at home and at other sexy settings - real bondage virgins. The women are extremely horny, they love sex, some of them are submissive, all of the want to show their bodies and be tied for the first time. This site is not only about bondage, but also about sexual fantasies and horny women, women that loves to fuck, and the female body. I try to show the woman, how she feels being in front of the camera knowing men (and women) will admire her looks. Putting in more depth in the depiction. This can be done in many ways, focusing on the eyes or just close ups or other ways making the depiction more personal. I love to show how horny the women get from being tied and manhandled like Michaela that as we played and I tied her on her back, legs spread, got wet, her pussy flowing with pussy juices, and begged to be fucked. The content is private and exclusive and only seen here and produced by me - Claude - women I play with for my pleasure. The females are bound for the first time. True amateurs tied in different positions. The women are dressed in high heels, stay ups, pantyhose, stockings and garter belt or tied half undressed ... or tied fully naked, definitely fully spread. I love them all oily showing their tied breasts, fully spread and tied. And yes, I do gag them too and hogtie them. And I let my camera focus on interesting body parts, like feet long legs, a wet open pussy, erected nipples, oily breasts, a sexy ass. And legs. Naked legs or legs in stay ups, stockings and garter belt or pantyhose. Legs enhanced in high heels and high heeled leather boots. My favorite is to have a woman tied on her back, legs spread. Or tied bent over (bent over) ass and pussy exposed from behind. Or tied in high heels, pantyhose and gagged. Now also the women is tied and masturbating with fingers and dildo on pics and video. And the woman being tied naked fully spread and having her breasts manhandled and being finger fucked to orgasm ....

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